A consistent IP panoply, essential circuit building blocks as well as special purpose IP, allows a considerable reduction in risk and development time of integrated circuit developments such as for power conversion and for (integrated) sensor interface circuits. The special highlights of the IP-portfolio are the blocks suited for high-voltage (750V), light-sensitive diode readout and magnetic Hall sensors. SystematIC ensures that the IPs are successfully integrated in the top-level design, and ultimately meet all requirements.

Shown below are some of the product developments in which our special purpose IP was integrated and combined with application or customer specific functions.

  • Wide Operating Temperature: –40 ⁰C to 110 ⁰C
  • Sensing current range: ±10 A to ±30 A
  • Single supply operation: 5.0 V
  • Device bandwidth: 80 kHz typ.
  • Low offset, Low TC, near-zero magnetic hysteresis
  • Typical total output error of ±1.5 %
  • >25 kV/μs Common-Mode Transient Immunity
  • UL, CSA: Isolation Voltage 3 kVRMS, 1 minute

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  • Chip area: 0.98 mm2
  • Supply voltage: 1.7 V to 3.6 V
  • Proximity measurement distance: 0 cm – 10 cm
  • Minimum Lux: 1 mLux
  • Maximum Lux: 67108 Lux
  • Temperature Range: -40 ⁰C to 85 ⁰C

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  • Direct (rectified) mains supplied
  • 400 V / 200 mA programmable branches (700 V max)
  • Single IC drives 3 LED strings/branches
  • Dual IC 6 branch drive supported
  • Configurable and (One Time) Programmable
  • Compatible to TRIAC dimmers

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In our product developments unique performance and features contribute to the product value. However many block-level circuits can be in common or similar in architecture and also suitable for application in other developments. Below a collection of this analog IP is listed.


  • AD conversion (SAR, Sigma-Delta, 10-16 bits)
  • DA conversion (Resistive Voltage DAC, Current DAC's, Sigma-Delta)
  • Low-noise front end (LNA)
  • Low-offset amplifiers (chopping, auto zeroing, Ping-Pong, trimmed)
  • Wheatstone bridge readout
  • Optical: Photodiode readout (IR, Proximity, Ambient, X-ray), PSD (Linear, Array)
  • Magnetic: Linear Field, Current Sensing, Geartooth, MR
  • Other: Temperature (internal/external),  Capacitive, Pressure, Flow, Current/Power/Charge (R-Sense)

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  • Linear regulators
  • Low-dropout regulators (LDO's)
  • Power MOS drivers
  • Inductive DC-DC conversion (Buck, Boost, Flyback, Resonant, etc. )
  • Solar Power, including MPPT
  • Charge pumps (fully integrated, bootstrap, HV)
  • Class–D amplifiers
  • HV switching and regulation (3kV)
  • Power switches with current limit or current protection

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  • Filters (integrated, LP, HP, BP, notch, deglitch)
  • Oscillators (XTAL, RC, VSO, DTCXO)
  • PLL
  • Voltage References (Bandgap, accurate, low-noise, trimmed/untrimmed)
  • POR
  • Amplifiers (Operational, Differential,
  • Comparators (low-power, high-speed, hysteresis, rail-to-rail)
  • Protection Modules (UVLO, OTP, OVP, OCP, short-circuit)
  • Level-shifters

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